Thursday 10 November 2016

More Pizza Please

Hello Foodie Lovers! As you know I am a found believer that all meals should be:  
A. Instagramable 
B. Easy to make 
C. As tasty as a Rainbow. 
What is even better is when someone else is cooking it for you and at one of my high street faves: Pizza Express! Now my usual staples are dough balls - if you don't like these you are literally CRAZY (gluten free doughie balls are also now available, stepping up their food game) and the Leggera Pizza (or Skinny Pizza in plain English) it has a thinner crust and a hole cut out in the middle for a little salad. I do not go for this pizza for the skinniness, that's ridiculous! I go for it because is filled full of goats cheese yumminess caramelized onions, spinach, red onion, tomato and garlic oil!!! And then I ruin it by adding a litre of chilli oil to add heat! GAWD I wanna go back! 

Anyway the last time I visited I stepped out of my pizza comfort zone and tried something new. The boyfriend never goes for the same thing he always goes for the newest thing on the menu and I thought I like you way your thinking and with a brand spanking new Autumn menu I thought I would give it a whirl although I did not in no way, shape or form give up dough balls!!!

So for drinks, I have had this before and it's a keeper a raspberry lemonade I actually think this is from the summer menu but I hope it stays.
Pizza ExpressPizza Express
For starters, like I said before dough balls was the first thing ordered then I went for Risotto Fresco. I usually don't go for a Risotto as the one I make at home is pretty amazing and I get a bit full of myself and think nothing can compete so Pizza Express had to beat some pretty high expectations! Anyway.. Risotto Fresco is Autumn in a bowl with oak-roasted and peppered salmon in a creamy, white wine, garlic sauce with cheesy goodness and fresh tomato and onion with my boo chilli oil to finish it off in style. FYI the portion is huge you can defo share.  
Moving on to the main event the PIZZA's, we tried the two newbies the Rustichella Romana, tasting like a Caesar salad on pizza with pancetta, mozzarella, tomato, gran milano cheese, tomato and rocket drizzled with a Caesar dressing. Next up is the Basilicata Romana a spicy lamb meatball pizza, perfect for my tastebuds throwing in red onion, mozzarella, garlic oil. The Basilicata also has a Capia pepper and tomato base which was pretty darn tasty! This is then sprinkled with rocket more cheese and basil pesto.

I was too full to fit any more food in my belly but the desserts did sound tasty with a honeycomb cream slice and a chocolate fondant.

Right I am off to re-order this on Deliveroo!

 This post in in collaboration with Pizza Express.

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