Monday 9 January 2017

5 Travel Trends for 2017

It’s that time of year when Christmas is over, you’re back to work and life feels… a little bit depressing. That is why it’s the perfect time to get a saving plan in place and think about your holiday destinations for 2017.
Tips on savings for your 2017 holiday:

·         Start early not only to save yourself some ££ but also to save your sanity so you have something to look forward to.
·         Have a New Year clear out and sell on Ebay, Amazon or Facebook Marketplace.
·         If you are arty why not make a little shop on Etsy and start selling sock bunnies? (watched that Friends episode last night!)
·         Make sure your savings are protected, check out The Financial Services.
  Compensation Scheme (FSCS) they protect your money in your savings and current accounts so if something happens to your bank, building society or credit union – you get every penny back in seven days and the service is completely free. Why not see if your savings are protected here.
So with your savings in full swing, where is cool and hip to go in 2017:

I am not sure about you but in my partner’s case it is becoming compulsory to take a two-week holiday (I think this is so the government can check up on you!) So the two-week break will be sure to make a comeback and why not?! Make sure to not just venture to one destination, go to two. One adventure week then one to chill out.  If you rarely step away from work this year is your year – put down your mobile phones (unless it is for a holiday selfie).
Niagara Falls
Destination idea: A safari holiday in the Serengeti then chill out on the beach in Zanzibar.
If you have kids why not splurge and head to Disney World with a week on the beach at the Florida Keys.

You need to get to this location quick before MacDonald’s and Starbucks moves in. The background of this destination is changing daily since the American Trade embargo has been lifted and it’s best to explore this colourful destination in its true form – It is also cheaper than you may think with the destination taking advantage of cheaper international flights along with Mexico.

The All Inclusive is back and everyone is doing it, The All Inclusive is cool again and if you choose the right place you will be lavished with fancy cocktails (not just fruit juice mixed with a shot of your choice) and possibly a sushi restaurant on site….the dream :-P 

A big bonus with All Inclusive is its all one price – there are no surprises and if you’re quick, you have many months to pay it off so you are not saddled with one big bill.
Destination idea: My recommendation would be Riviera Maya, Mexico.
T2G Tip: Make sure there is no limit on the a la Carte (sometimes the small print is there to confuse you – give the hotel a call to check before)

Stay local this year and utilise some long weekends or the bank holidays and explore where you are from, I like many of you have barely touched the surface of the UK and with a new car on the way I am excited to see what it has to offer. Benefits are lower cost, sun without a long flight (sometimes); UK culture. 

Destination idea: This year I would like to visit the New Forest, Oxford, the Cotswolds, Devon, Richmond upon Thames, Surrey (my new abode).
The Pig Hotel, Dorset
As discussed above you don’t want to just spend your holiday lying on a beach. Why not inject a little adventure into your summer holiday. Maybe a river rafting holiday or even safari? If you do a beach do make sure you take a look around and see if there is anything you can do: horse riding, water activities etc. Be crazy, you only live once!

The FSCS are just as big on travel trends as me and have commissioned a short film all about three hot destinations for 2017 and how to afford them. Why not have a look at FSCS Money Means. 

This post is in collaboration with the FSCS.


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