Thursday 12 January 2017

Winter Sun Survival Kit

Winter is the perfect time to get away for some festive sun especially when the weather in the UK is so pants; there is not even any snow?! So I jetted off to Houston for Christmas for some sun and family time and the temperature reached up to 27 degrees so pass me my sunglasses. 

I thought I would share my 'Winter Sun Survival Kit'. Winter sun can sometimes not seem that hot due to the wind etc but the UV rays are still as strong as ever so you need to protect yourself.
Winter Sun Survival Kit: 

Protect your body 
Mine is 30 SPF and is from Boots, Soltan Once range, moisturising sun carelotion. It's water resistant so I can go for a dip in a pool or hot tub without needing to re-apply. It is also nice to know that Soltan Once is rated with the highest UVA rating so you know you are in good hands.  The cream is thick so it doesn't just run everywhere and the smell is not strong and smells quite nice, after its soaks in you can’t feel it on. Another plus is that it doesn't block your pores. 
Winter Sun Survival Kit
Protect your face
You should be using a daily moisturiser anyway so why not make sure that it has sun protection. On this trip I used Boots, Soltan Once Face, moisturising suncare cream.

It is the perfect size for your handbag, so you can take it everywhere, to make sure your face is protected at all times. You can always use makeup to make yourself look more tanned. The key benefits are that it offers 8 hours of sun protection from just one application. There is ultra UV ageing in defence and it’s water resistant. The cream is a little less thick than the main sun cream and leaves you feeling moisturised instantly leaving the smell of summer on your skin.
Winter Sun Survival Kit
Looking for something a little smaller?
Boots, Soltan Active, ultra-resistance sunstick for lips and face in 30 SPF. This is a must especially if you are catching some rays on the slopes a lip sunstick is my number one essential. You can also use this for your face with extra resistance to water, sweat and extreme conditions – you are ready to go.
Winter Sun Survival Kit
DON’T feel the burn
BootsSoltan Moisturise and Repel, hydrates your skin after you have been in the sun with insect repellent to keep your body looking BOOM!

You don't need much of this as a small blob goes far and smells lovely, quite tropical.
Inside Out
On any holiday, especially in the party season you want to make sure you stay hydrated and healthy so fuel up with vitamins to ensure you keep your body is in tip top condition. I have been used Boots Pharmaceuticals Re-energise, Mango – tasty!

No one wants to get ill on holiday so I used Boots Duel Defence nasal spray twice a day in the week leading up to my trip just in case. If you feel you are starting to get a cold or ill start using ASAP.
Winter Sun Survival Kit
You also need two other essentials in any winter sun situation:  
Winter Sun Survival Kit
A pair of sunglasses
If you’re looking fabulous or a bit shit sunglasses will sort out any situation and now your body is protected from the sun so will your eyes. My sunnies are from Topshop for only £22.

Lip Gloss
Your skin is so much better in the sunshine, not sure what it is but the UK makes me break out the moment I land! Whilst in Houston I only needed my Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss (travel size) inClear Fuchsia. 

That's it lovelies, my winter sun survival kit is complete, now it time to start planning my next winter sun escape.
Winter Sun Survival Kit
Winter Sun Survival Kit
Winter Sun Survival Kit

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