Friday 3 November 2017

Would you choose Heating or Eating?

So would you choose either heating your home or eating hot food?

You are probably thinking that you don’t need to choose as you are fortunate enough to do both, but for 29% Brits this winter, choosing between heating your home or eating a hot meal will be a daily choice. Children this winter will either go without hot food or be cold when they go to bed because their parents can’t simply afford gas or electricity - and it’s not something you ever really hear about.
I like to be a big ball of positivity but I do think with the cold creeping in its important to highlight this massive issue possibly affecting someone you know or someone on your street.

This week I attended a dinner with Jack Monroe and npower at their pop-up called ‘FUEL’ which was not a traditional dining experience. After handing in our coats and scarves (it was freezing outside), we sat down with a soft drink and slowly started to feel cold again – the air con was on full blast. We then got served our starter which was....tins of food, baked beans, corned beef and tomato soup.  It was funny yet shocking at the same time. Everyone just laughed and continued to talk but for a lot of families this would be dinner and there would be no other options, I admit I enjoy a good tin of Heinz baked beans but not cold.
We take so much for granted.

To highlight this, npower is spreading the word about the npower Foundation, an independent charity expanding their Fuel Bank network across the UK so they can support more and more people who are faced with these dilemmas every single day. From hearing stories, it is not always the people you think, you don’t know what is happening in anyone’s lives really.
The Fuel Bank supports people in a fuel crisis who visit Foodbanks across the country. If you are in a fuel crisis you will be given two weeks’ worth of gas and electricity. All of this being in partnership with The Trussell Trust and this can be for any electricity supplier. Over the past two years 70,000 people have been helped, giving families, the elderly and people like you and me the chance to be able to heat their homes and eat a hot meal.

Npower commits £1 million a year to fund this initiative but much more needs to be done as the UK has over 1,000 foodbanks and npower is only in 62. I would like to see this initiative rolled out to as many as possible. You can help, as no one should think twice about running a bath or making a hot drink, please do donate:

Check out the video below to see FUEL in action to see what you would choose between hot food or warm surroundings:


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