Monday 2 October 2017

Vintage Burberry

Happy Monday! Or not so happy if you were travelling to London this morning – when will the trains run on time!!!!
Vintage Burberry
Any who I have a fashion post for you, I know I have been a bit slack with fashion posts recently but hopefully this post will be a good’en with some vintage designer and a cheap as chips denim number and going out of my comfort zone for some funky leopard print heels….crazy I know.

So what am I actually wearing?! Let's start from the top I have literally just turned my head upside down and ruffled my hair for this wind swept / just got out of bed look / couldn’t wash my hair as the shower in our hotel room broke…

Then I have got my classic Gucci sunglasses on and a Kate Spade, disco ball inspired necklace. I am wearing a navy blue long-sleeved top from gap with a vintage denim dress from Rokit, one of the best vintage stores in London. I love it because instead of it looking like a jumble sale everything is so neat and tidy and look like a normal shop and there is also loads of items on their website as well, because who has time to go to the shops these days?!

Even in Newcastle I am baring my legs to soak up the last of the Summer rays and then I am wearing my new statement ankle boots, these leopard print beauties from Duo Boots - I usually get a new pair of Duo Boots every Autumn / Winter because with most of their shoes you can choose your calf width so they fit perfectly.

I then top it all off with a bit of high-end designer with a vintage Burberry trench coat with the classic pattern inside and on the rolled up sleeves. There is even a detachable hood for when it rains. 


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