Friday 30 March 2018

Friday Favourites: Peels | Eggs | Spring Scents

Oh thank Jimmy Choo its Friday and the Bank Holiday…..I have been super busy still have no honeymoon booked (hoping to finalise this today) very confused and can’t get my head around the prices, my cat it being a fuzzy bugger and is demanding crushed biscuits on top of this food, damn Felix Sensations for creating something with crunchy bits, the Sheba is just not cutting the mustard and for some reason we brought 50 pouches...I say we I mean Adam.

In other news my family is over, we have a family wedding next week, so there is lots of Cava and food going around and figuring out where everyone will stay next week.

So some things I have been loving over the past few weeks are:

Glycolic Peels

With my mission to try every facial in London I was excited to try my first Glycolic peel. I did have visions of going red like Samantha from Sex and the City but thought what the hell I will just have to take a few days hibernating at home!

The ‘Get the Glow’ Glycolic Peel by Dr Krystyna was held at the pastel wonderland that is Blush and Blow London in Parsons Green. I instantly fell in love with Dr Krytyna you know you are in safe hands and totally forgot about going red and blotchy (and she promised that doesn't happen these days).

I have been having a lot of LED facials recently and microdermabrasion but glycolic peels go that level deeper into your skin to exfoliate those dead skin cells to repair and replenish to get my ready for walking down that aisle.

The peel that I had was by Figorla using glycolic acid (stronger that the same acid thats in our high street brought products like Nip + Fab or Clearisil) the peel is quick, only 30 minutes so you can nip in during lunch if you would like you get a cleanse and the the peel is left on for 3 minutes then luscious serums are applied.

There was no pain or side effects and definitely no redness, you feel a little tingly and your skin feels like a babies bum straight after and after a few days your skin looks and feels incredible I can safely say I have got my glow back.


Easter Time
Easter is only a few days away and I am super excited about all the Chocolate I am going to consume with my bestie in Jersey. Eggs don't just come in Chocolate form though I would be pretty happy if I got the L'Occitane Easter Egg with a little beauty treat hidden inside. This Cherry Blossom Egg has hidden away miniatures of Cherry Blossom Shower Gel, Cherry Blossom Hand Cream and Cherry Blossom Soap all for £15, you can also get an Almond Beauty Easter Egg as well.
But you never can go wrong with Chocolate and if you are around Clapham Junction pop into the new HEMA store at the station as they have the best Easter chocolate at super low prices, look how cute the pink bunny rabbit is. 
Getting My Tan On

Winter is hopefully over, if I keep thinking positive thoughts I am sure the sun will come out and stay at some point soon. Anyway whilst its not I have the new Bondi Sands One Hour Express which is making be golden.

I have used it as I prepare to jet off to Jersey. It takes one hour, you need to rise it off after, if your not looking for sun kissed leave it on for another hour or two. The two best points about this tan is its 1. foam and 2. smells of coconuts, no fake tan smell over here just a sun kissed Australian looking tan! A bottle from Bondi Sands, £18.99.
To help me get in the food for Spring I am looking to new scents and the one that I am using at the moment is: So Real, Cheap & Chic Moschino
In the fun iconic bottle of Olive Oil and Spring notes of bitter orange, raspberry and blackberry sorbet with floral notes of pink peony and jasmine coming through. 

Prices starting from £29.50 which will be launching exclusively with The Perfume Shop on 22nd April 2018.

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