Wednesday 2 May 2018

How much fibre are you getting?

The other week I attended an immersive dinner with the Danish dairy brand, Arla. They had partnered with Gingerline to create a dinner of dreams, if you don’t know anything about Gingerline check them out they do very cool foodie experiences across London – you don’t even know where you are going until a few hours before.
So Arla is on a mission to get more fibre into our diets, you are always hearing about protein but never really fibre. The dinner was a chance to explore how little changes can make a big difference and the benefits to having a more fibre rich diet.arla fibreI decided to do a bit more research into why Fibre is so good for you are below are the benefits, according to the NHS:
·         Helps your bowels to work their best life and move your poo along – yes, I used the word POO.
·         Helps develop the healthy bacteria in your bowels.
·         Lower’s Cholesterol, which is important, especially to me as some members of my family have the Familial Hypercholesterolaemia gene, I didn’t get it but my Mum, Brother and Sister do so anything that helps lower Cholesterol is a game changer.
·         Reduces heart disease, diabetes and even certain types of cancer like bowel.
arla fibre

So Fibre really is a game changer and to help us get our recommended dose of Fibre, Arla has launched a new range of high-fibre yogurts, Arla Fibre, you may have already spotted them in your local supermarket.
Each Yogurt contains a whopping 4.7g of fibre and you can’t even tell. With this you are well on your way to achieving the recommended 30g a day – do you know how much you have a day; usual yogurts have very little fibre or none at all!
Fibre is not the only great thing about these yogurts, they are tasty and full of real fruit pieces my favourite is the raspberry number, low-fat and full of calcium and protein.
Traditionally fibre rich foods are seen and boring and bland so it is hard to get enough but there are some tasty changes you can make which we learnt through our dinner:
·         Strawberries for Raspberries
·         Squash instead of asparagus
·         Wholemeal alternatives to white like rice or bread
·         Pesto instead of pea sauce
Its super easy to alter your meals to get more fibre in your diet!
So Get Fussed about Fibre with a 450g or 150g pot of Arla Fibre in Blueberry and Strawberry,Raspberry or pineapple and passion fruit – all can be found in your local supermarket.
arla fibre
arla fibre
arla fibre
This post is sponsored by Arla.

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