Thursday 14 June 2018

10 things I have learnt from watching Love Island

Hands up if you are a love island fan! TBH if you love it or hate it I think pretty much everyone is talking about Love Island 2018.

Although Love Island 2018 is not as SEXY as 2017 e.g. less making out sessions and actual sex its certainly as juicy.

So here are some things that have been on my mind since watching this series.

1.       I still want to own a personalised water bottle
Those Love Island personalised water bottles are back and even though I have enough water bottles, one with Fiona in fluorescent pink writing just sounds dreamy but am I willing to fork out £15 for yet another bottle….probs not.

2.       Life is scheduled around Love Island not the other way around
It is not the same if you watch the day after – I repeat it’s not the same. You must be home at 9pm except for on a Saturday. You don’t need to watch the Saturday round up if you are true fan and watched every day!

3.       Whatsapp explodes at 9pm
I’ve never felt so loved since Love island started I have so many different convos going on #POPULAR

4. Every single human in the UK is skinny
If this was the only thing you had ever seen of the UK you would think every guy was ripped to some degree and loved the gym and every girl wears 5 inch think makeup and is the size of a twiglet – they all look great, don’t get me wrong but this is not a great representation of the guys and gals of the UK.


5. I want my garden to look like the love island garden
Not only my garden but my wedding! Festoon lights all around.

6. You need to have chat / game to get the girl.
All I have to say to this is Poor Alex – I believe in you but move on from Megan


7. No one ever eats
They just drink from their personalised water bottles. At least they are getting there recommend daily water intake.


8. Waking up looks like hell
I generally couldn’t cope being woken up by my blinds just opening – it makes me wince every time they do it.

9. The Villa needs a pet
A good old cat or dog would make the villa a happier place.

10 The trees won’t disappear after Brexit
WOW you do learn a lot from watching Love Island don’t you! Old Hayley made sure the UK knew that Trees would not in fact disappear when we leave the EU – it was all a bit of a shock but we will survive after being reassured by the rest of the gals.


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