Tuesday 11 May 2021

Does Vitamin C feature in your skincare routine? If not, it should.

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If a vitamin C fuelled product does not already feature in your bathroom, it should. Not only is it dermatologist recommended and a favourite amongst celebrities it minimises signs of ageing, targets fine lines, wrinkles, inflammation, pigmentation, UV damage and dullness.

obagi Vitamin C serum
If you are screaming GIVE ME ALL OF THIS, NOW then I have been trying out, the Obagi professional-C serum 20%. I am always on the lookout for ways to improve my skin, with having bad breakouts and wrinkles popping up I know I need to tackle them.

Obagi don’t try to be what they are not there branding is practical and professional and you feel like you are in the hands of a dermatologist.

obagi Vitamin C serum

Why Vitamin C?

To help turn back a bit of time on the ageing process you need collagen production which in turn reduces fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots and Vitamin C stimulates new collagen production deep into your skin.

Vitamin C also protects your skin from pollution and UV light, but you still need to remember to put on your daily SPF.

Why 20%?

I think the first question that sprung into my head was why 20%, well this is to do with the different strengths of the L-ascorbic acid (potent form of Vit C) in the serum to meet your skincare needs. I don’t have sensitive skin, so I said, give me all the juice, 20% is Obagi’s highest concentration in their Vitamin-C serum. You can also get 15% and 10% for more sensitive skin.

What do you do with it?

You can use this in the morning and evening.

First cleanse and tone with your favourite brand then the Obagi professional-C serum comes in a dropper and you are able to easily dot it around your skin or your fingers, use around 5-7 drops and then massage into your face and neck, there initially is a tacky texture and it may tingle but its quickly absorbed into the skin after immediately using it which disappears after a few minutes.

Brighter Future

Hello healthy-looking complexion and an instant glow up. Vitamin C should be called a skin reviver, this antioxidant, literally injects brightness into your skin by calming the redness and retaining the moisture to hydrate.


All in all, vitamin C deserves a spot in your skincare routine and is now on my ‘must have’ list – will you have a go or are you already converted to vitamin C?

Visit Pure Obagi to purchase the Vitamin C serum today.

obagi Vitamin C serum
obagi Vitamin C serum
obagi Vitamin C serum


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