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What to pack for a skiing holiday

As promised here is a dedicated post on what to pack for a skiing holiday.  Summer is always a lot easier to choose what to pack as every item of clothing is thin and tiny so I usually just chuck everything in and worry about ironing when I get to my destination. Skiing is not as easy as that, it requires much more thought as if you miss something you could be saddled with a large bill for marked up clothing or simply not being happy as you are cold...not fun times.
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 To give you a little context to why I was packing for a ski trip, I was invited by the Austrian Tourist Board to visit the Hochkoenig region of Ski Amade in Salzburg, Austria. To find out more about this incredible trip the full article will be live tomorrow along with my first YouTube video

I was only going for a few days and I managed to fit everything into my trusty Antler suitcase, it is light as a feather and manages to somehow squeeze everything I need and pretty stylish if I do say so myself. Every item I packed was able to withstand the cold climate ready for snow filled fun. If you are a beginner and ready to become a fully fledged snow bunny or an advanced skier who already takes on the black runs, I hope this 'Skiing pack list' is helpful and sparks your imagination on what you buy / pack on your next skiing holiday.
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what to pack for a skiing holiday
When I dressed up in my 7 year old ski gear my boyfriend said I looked like I stepped out of the 70s…good start. So it was fair to say I did not really have any modern clothing suitable for skiing, after snooping around online it was surprising to see brands have really stepped it up for the season with some seriously stylish attire.
Thermal layers

Remember you do not need to buy everything for skiing unless you are planning to ski every week...ski's, ski boots and helmets (which is now a legal requirements in some resorts) can be rented at reasonable prices at most sport shops at most resorts.

Moving on to a few of my essentials that feature in my photos and mentioned on my skiing pack list; it is important to invest in a good jacket and my one is a Nevica from Sports Direct, it kept my super cozy and had room for several layers underneath, without making me look like a balloon.

One of my outfit faves was a neck warmer from the Roxy X Biotherm collection, the collaboration created winter clothing that actually helps your skin. The warmer is comfortable and blends into the snow. When it got extremely snowy up on the mountain it was easy to pull over my face to protect me from the cold and with nourishing shea butter and apricot oil that hydrates your skin as you ski..there is not much more you can ask for in a skiing product.

Good socks is also a key product, if your toes aren't toasty you won’t be a happy bunny! The ones I took were from Heat Holders and HJ Hall merino wool socks and they are lush. To go with my cushy socks my boots were the same lined with sheepskin from Emu, Shaw Lo boots. Now the grip is not the best on ice but they did great in the snow and totally waterproof.

Hope this this list helps you on your snow filled travels.
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fiona kay
fiona kay

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