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For any PR, promotion, press or brand collaboration enquiries, please
contact my agent on f

If you'd like to speak with me personally, invite me to an event or just
fancy a chat, then please contact me on 

Sponsored Posts
I might be able to work with you on a sponsored post if I find it exciting and its relevant to my blog or social media channels. Please email here with Sponsorship in the subject line.

Press Samples 

I am more than happy to accept press samples and products to review and style as long as they are consistent with the theme of my blog, however, coverage is not guaranteed.

Any samples received will be reviewed honestly I will never be paid to speak positively of a product if I do not agree. Please email

Photographers Needed
I am always on the search for great and upcoming photographers in London who are looking for practice/ to expand their portfolio/ to promote their work on a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog. If you would like to work with me on outfit shoot or beauty, please email


Time2Gossip feature a mixture of products I would like to own, have purchased as well as samples provided by organisations.

This opinions expressed on this blog are mine and honest. I do not write about products that I would not recommend.

Products Samples
Organisations do send me products to review which I feature on the blog, I am not obligated to review the products that are sent in. What goes on Time2Gossip is up to my discrediton and I will always be 100% in the review – if I don’t like the product you wont see it on Time2Gossip.

Sponsored Posts
From time to time I may feature a sponsored post which is a form of advertising on blogs where I am financially compensated to publish a campaign or article. I only accept sponsored content when I feel its relevant to Time2Gossip and will always be clearly marked as a collaboration or sponsored – I will always have full control of the article.

Advertising on Time2Gossip is hosted under the tab ‘Favourite Brands’ tab. All organisations featured here are ones I have used and love and will probably spot on the blog as well.

Affiliate Marketing: 
Time2Gossip is part of a number of affiliate programmes, some links on Time2Gossip will be affiliate links and if you click on link and purchase something, I may receive a small amount or percentage of your purchase. This does not add any additional cost to the consumer. These links do not affect the article as they are added after it has been written.

This policy was updated on 29th September 2015 

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