Friday 8 April 2016

3 Cocktail Favourites

I thought I would jazz up this weeks Friday Favourites with a cocktail favourites, as a Liefstyle blog I do dabble in the food & drink market and you may have seen on Instagram, last weekend was a little alcohol fueled, I am usually really good but with a wedding and then Ascot why the hell not!?! I do love a good cocktail and it is even better when you make them yourselves you may also know that I got my hack on recently and created my own bar cart so I am becoming a pro (I am not an alcohol obsessive I promise!)

Anyway the reason I made lots of yummy cocktails this weekend is I joined Appletiser and Richard Woods AKA 'The Cocktail Guy' for a cocktail masterclass at Ascot we were in a fancy box (don't be jel). Appletiser are actually one of the main sponsors of Ascot and have a bar on the main floor serving up some delicious samples and after celebrating there 50th Birthday Appletiser started to realise that its not just kids that just love their products but the 18+ market as well, me included it is the perfect thirst quencher and not that I ever thought about it before but they go perfect with a tipple. There is a whole new world of Appletiser to explore such as; replace the tonic part of Gin & Tonic and you have an absolute winner.

Right let's get back to the cocktails, I thought I would share my three new favourite cocktails that all include the delicious taste of Appletiser and some with the new flavour which I had not tried before of Apple and Pomegranate and it is delicious.
Richard Woods was on had to showcase his creations and give us a helping hand. If you have not heard of him before he is most well known for being head of spirit and cocktail development for one of the best restaurants in London, Duck and Waffle, if you have not heard of it click on the link NOW.

Cocktail 1: Orchard Fizz
cocktail masterclassHow pretty does this cocktail look, it tastes AMAZING. I always find that cocktails with an egg white always taste the best it provides a lovely texture.

Quick three step guide:
1. Pour 35ml Gin, 25ml apple liqueur, 10ml lemon juice, 10ml sugar syrup, 1 egg white and three drops of tartaric acid solution (if you do not have this its not the end of the world) into a cocktail shaker without ice for 15 seconds.
2. Add some ice and re-shake, strain into cocktail glass.
3. Top up with Appletiser, Apple and Pomegranate then garnish with slices of apple and pomegranate seeds (I used a dehydrated apple slice in the photos)
Orchard Fizz cocktail

Cocktail 2: Pine Needle Hi Ball
appletiserI think this was my favourite cocktail out of all three and I actually thought i wouldn't even like it but it is so fresh. It is a really simple cocktail to create and looks might impressive with the pine needle (why have I not been putting pine needles in all my drinks!). Now you have a reason to go on a Spring walk to hunt for some pine trees.

Quick three step guide:
1. Add 50ml dry vermouth, 2 dashes of lemon bitters, 10ml sugar syrup to a tall glass with ice.
2. Pour in Appletiser till the glass is three quarter full, stir then fill to the top.
3. Garnish with a pine needle inside the glass.
pine needle cocktail
Cocktail 3: Hoppy Ever After
This cocktail is a little sweater and great to end the night with a dessert.

Quick three step guide:
1. Heat up one IPA beer bottle on medium heat till its half of its original volume. Add 100gr sugar and mix till dissolved. Cool. Wisk to remove any froth. Then refrigerate.
2. Add 25ml Gin, 15ml Martini Blanco, 15ml of the pale ale reduction, 35ml Appletiser Apple & Pomegrante or normal Appletiser.
3. Add ice cubes and stir. Strain into a glass.

Partner any of these cocktails with a three course meal of one of my easy to make snacks.
hoppy ever after cocktail

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