Monday, 25 June 2012

Let your hair go digital!

After being a bit apprehensive about having my hair wired to a machine, I was soon relaxed after stepping into the Stylish Eleven Hair Salon which is based in Mayfair.The pleasant atmosphere was matched with friendly staff.

Eleven Hair Salon
So to start my treatment I got a quick overview of my hair condition and I am assured that my hair will be given life again (thank god) Then I was then asked if I wanted the perm to be straight or curly (because the treatment is heat activated you can choose whatever style you want) I wanted some bounce so opted for the some sexy curls.

So excited to regain my strong and healthy hair with a big bounce, we started the process: 

Treatment step-by-step
  1. First, washing with a clarifying shampoo helps to remove product build-up and prepare hair for the treatment
  2. Treatments containing silk, collagen, keratin and amino acid based moisturising ingredients are applied to the hair. The head is covered to generate warmth and the treatments are left to infuse into the hair shaft for 15 minutes
  3. Hair is rinsed and a special conditioner is applied before rinsing again (This smells like roses)
  4. Then the hair is wound up into special rollers and connected to The Digital Perm machine which gently heats the rollers and dries the hair, setting it into long-lasting curls and infusing the protein treatment into the cortex of the hair. Or, hair is blow dried straight and finished using straightening irons which infuses the protein and leaves hair silky straight and smooth for days

Recommended treatment price: £60.00.

TOP TIP: Buy a Tangle Teaser these things are amazing it was a product that failed on Dragons Den but has come back fighting and glides through my ridiculous hair - They are cheap on Amazon!
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