Tuesday 19 June 2012

Time for a Food Review

Bigger is Better

Everything is bigger in the U.S.A especially there muffins - try them from The New York Bakery Co (they don't just make bagels you know)

They have got two delicious flavours 'double cholocolate' filled with chocolate chunks topped off with dark chocolate chips.

If chocolates not your thing try the blueberry flavour, juicy and moist muffin with real blueberries (Superfruit ALERT) and they are topped of with yummy crumble.

These large muffins are a perfect indulgent treat.

Get your snack on the go

Now I hate the breakfast bars and anything really that tries to be chocolate and isnt, but these healthy treats from Nakd are actually really nice - no more cardboard taste thank you very much! With a wide range of flavours like,cocoa delight, cocoa mint, cocoa orange, berry delight, peacan pie and cashew cookie (our fave).

Price: £2.55

Some other treats from the Nakd range are their infused raisins, 'tangy lime' or 'crazy cola' - yes raisins did just get a bit better.

These raisans are tottally moreish and completely natural with no added sugar fat free and only contains 68 calories and if thats not enough they also count as one of your 5 a day!

Price: 39p

New Summer Slurp

Try bottlegreen's new exotic lime & coconut.

Fresh and fruity you do need to add a good helping of the cordial to taste the flavours - but its a godsend on hot summers day (I am hoping we will get more of these days!!!!)

TOP TIP - The cordial can also be added to cocktails like Piña Colada

Price: £3.15 - Available at Waitrose, Sainsbury's and Tesco's

Moving on to the alcohol

I recently tried Merrydown cider not only does it taste good, it's been going for a whopping 65 years and it's award-winning taste come from a recipe that includes apples fermented with yeast from the Champagne-Ardennes region.

Our mouth's our now watering!!!


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