Wednesday 22 August 2012

Teetha Teething Gel for your little ones!


For all the Mummies that follow me, check outNelsons NEW Teetha Teething Gel from the makers of Nelsons® Teetha.

The Teetha Teething Gel is a homeopathic medicinalproduct used within the homeopathic tradition to relieve teething pain fromyour little ones from the symptoms associated with teething:
  • Sore and tender gums
  • Swollen gums
  • Mood changes
  • Crying 
  • Sleepiness
  • Mild Fever
  • Flushed cheeks
  • Dribbling 
This combination of symptoms can make a tot and mum exhausted... 

Nelsons New Teetha Teething Gel isperfect, sugar free and contains a unique homeopathic formulation of naturalactive ingredients, Chamomilla 12c, Belladonna 12c and Aconite 12C. HomeopathicChamomilla is traditionally used to help with teething pain, while homeopathicBelladonna can help with flushed cheeks and dribbling and homeopathic Aconitehelps to relieve those sore and tender gums. So when those nashers appear you don’t need to fear :-)

Nelsons Teetha® is the only teething brand to offerthe choice of both granule and gel formats. Nelsons New Teetha Teething Gelhas all the benefits of the Nelsons Teetha Granules in a handy gel format.

Remember always read the label, this product issuitable for over 3 months and Nelsons Teetha Teething Gel is priced at£4.95 and available from Boots.


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