Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Sleep-in Rollers

Sleep in rollers sound uncomfortable, but in the name of beauty I gave it ago!

Here are some tips to get you the ultimate look:

Tip 1. Use on dry clean hair - you don't want to have to wash it after you have yor locks looking great!

Tip 2, Roll your hair in the direction of the desired effect, for big bouncy hair roll clockwise, for the flicked effect roll anti-clockwise but always roll the crown of your hair clockwise

Tip 3. Secure your rollers with hair grips

Tip 5. Relax and have a great night's sleep :-)

Time2Gossip's Verdict:

Well you can definitley get a good night sleep, even if it's a bit more raised than usual! The end result was not too va va voom but there is definitley more bounce and volume (Check the image below)

Sleep-In Rollers cost £17.95 (including tracked postage and packaging) for two sets of rollers and come inside a pink complimentary Sleep-In Rollers bag available from www.velcrosleeprollers.com, Sally Salon Services, Toni & Guy, Manchester Selfridges and the Glasgow Fake Bake Boutique.


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