Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Raspberry, Raspberry, Raspberry

The Raspberry Hydrating Programme 'Cosmekit' is a 20-minute beauty treatment targeting the lack of hydration in your face and neck. 

So how does the kit work?

The kit contains 3 key items: The Raspberry Exfoliating Gel that help to encourage cell renewal, the Raspberry Massage Cream which prevents skin from dehydration and provides comfort and suppleness, while the Raspberry Foaming Mask offers an immediate and long lasting hydrating action.

Price: £22.50 

Available in Marks & Spencer stores and in beauty salons. 

Follow the steps below for the ultimate hydrating treatment: 

Step 1. Exfoliate

Us the Raspberry Exfoliating Gel, that combines fine particles of raspberry seeds and jojoba beads gently exfoliating the skin.

Apply the Raspberry Exfoliating Gel in a fine layer all over a cleansed face and massage with your finger tips in a circular motion. Then rinse off and dry.

Now the skin id free from impurities with the ability to breathe and is ready for Step 2.

Step 2. Massage

Use the Raspberry Massage Cream which is infused with moisturising active ingredients this organic cream delivers a mini-sculpting massage to restore comfortable, plumped-up skin.

- Warm the cream between your hands to bring it up to skin temperature. Apply it over the entire surface of your hands, from the centre of the face in an outward direction. Make gentle circular movements over the forehead, cheeks and jawline to allow cream to be absorbed.

- Next press on the pressure points, starting from the centre of the face and working in an outward direction. Follow the line  working along each on three times. Over the forehead, over the eyebrows, under the eyes, from the bridges of the nose, under and the contour of the lips finishing by massaging the temples

- Then for 30 seconds, make small pinching movements with your fingertips all of the face paying particular attention to the forehead cheekbones and temples of the cheek and facial contours.

To finish very gently stretch the face with the entire surface of your hands in an outward direction.

Step 3. Face Mask

The Raspberry Foaming Mask starts as a powder that is meant to transform into a luscious foaming mask making your skin soft and refreshed.

How to create this: Pour lukewarm water into the shaker up to the 40ml line and then shake for 5 seconds - I was expecting this amazing explosion of foam but this is what i ended up with:

But as the process had been good up to this point I decided this was a small flaw and there was enough product for a mask.


So apply the mask (Even if it is not much) using the spatula to your face and neck and leave for 10 minutes then rinse off with water.

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