Friday 4 July 2014

Time Bomb Summer Essentials

The Gossip: Summer must haves from TimeBomb! 

HOLIDAY IN A BOTTLE - Complexion Boost

The Price: £28 

Just a note that this is not a foundation or a self tanner the liquid has micro-pigments that burst on contact giving you a healthy dose of sunshine glow for all slime tones. 

What is does: 
  • Create a sheer wash of just-been-to-the-beach color in two shades (lighter or deeper) is an instant, uplifting anti-dote. 
  • All the feel-good, look-good benefits of a sun-soaked vacation, without dangerous UVA/UVB exposure.
  • Oil-free, paraben-free formula
Choose a shade:

• "Sunkissed" for lighter, honeyed sunny glow
• "Suntanned" for a translucent, sunny bronze

For best results:

Apply sparingly and evenly all over face, making certain to blend into neck. Apply more if needed. Product turns from gray to skin color on contact and adjusts to blend in with any skin tone.

On to the next one: Time Bomb completion cocktail with a shot of H2Omega
The price: £24, 100ml
This product is perfect to reload parched or dehydrated skin from the summer heat, sweating it out at the gym or from using bad cosmetic products.

What is does: 
  • Counters the effects of temporary, serious dehydration
  • Reloads critical moisture and essential fatty acids 
  • Restores smooth, supple texture to skin that looks sucked dry, crinkled.

For best results:

Shake well before using. Apply to dry skin. Pour a small amount in hand or saturate a cotton wool or pad and apply to face. Can be used both morning and evening. Avoid contact with eyes.


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