Tuesday 20 January 2015

Give your water some WOW!

The Gossip: Enhance Drinks
Where2Buy: Ocado, Amazon, ASDA
The Price: £2 in ASDA until 12th Feb RRP £2.49
For more information: www.enhancedrinks.co.uk

With the new healthy lifestyle I have been trying to adopt since the New Year, water forms a large chunk - trying to drink at least 2lts can be hard and can get a bit boring!

That's where Enhance comes in. This little portable water enhancer comes in four fruity flavours to ‘enhance’ your drink:

Orange & Passion Fruit
Apple & Blackcurrant
Strawberry & Kiwi

Lemon & Lime

With just one squeeze water turns into a refreshing and tasty drink and these are perfect for keeping in your handbag or at your desk, creating around 32 drinks. 

Each bottle of Enhance is filled with real fruit juice, no added sugar, no artificial flavours and just 1 calorie per drink. It makes the perfect addition to my new healthy lifestyle and hopefully I will end up drinking more water as a result. 

Enhance also works with the charity Just a Drop and for every bottle sold Enhance will make a donation to help provide children in Africa with clean & safe drinking water.

What flavour would you choose?


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