Thursday 29 October 2015

Fill your home with flowers

It's always nice as a lifestyle blogger to wake up to the postman delivering parcels with new goodies to review but when a box from Bloom & Wild arrived packed with an array of beautiful flowers I couldn't quite believe they could survive the post. Bloom & Wild pride themselves on hand picked beautiful flowers and each flower is protected, you can see the love and care that has gone into protecting every petal.

The collection I received brings back Summer with a bang with flowers inspired by a classic English country garden. When you get your bouquet, you receive a little card explaining your bouquet and it also offers arrangement ideas – now I see myself as a pro flower displayer, if that s job title!? I believe what I have in my collection are white & yellow Alstroemeria, Madiba and Solidago. This is a great gift to surprise any lady or even a gift to yourself.

Before I give you some amazing tips to make your flowers last longer I need to inform you that mine lasted TWO weeks, I kid you not, some did die in the middle but remember if one dies take it out you don’t need to end the lives of the ones living.

TOP TIP: How to make your bouquet last longer
·         Cut the stems at a 45 degree angle 
·         Keep your flowers out of direct sunlight or they will look sad after a few days
·         Re-cut your stems every few days 
·         Remove leaves that sit below the water line

·         Keep you water topped up and change every few days – as mentioned my Alstroemerias were still going strong for around two whole weeks. (You can see this in the first three images - they also look different as I brought a new camera)


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