Wednesday 14 September 2016

A Pinterest Worthy Kitchen

So last week you may have seen my 'Pinterest worthy Lounge' and now I have compiled a Pinterest worthy kitchen. In my new home the kitchen is one of my favourite rooms, it is already decorated and has the most amazing sink (never thought I would say those words) and it is all in a retro green colour which I just love. There is a downside though, the current owners are taking everything which can possibly move including the washing machine and the fridge freezer, but everything has a silver lining as it means I can browse Pinterest to my heart’s content and create my ideal space.

Let’s start with the two main things I am missing, with the fridge freezer I really want something cream as I am not really a fan of any fridge, why would you want stark white or grey – they are so boring but this cream one from Swan fits in with my retro colour theme too perfectly. Now for the washing machine, at my current house it makes the whole house shake when it’s on so I am on the hunt for the quietest washing machine around which is quite apt as its National Quiet Day today (14th September) and I found the one. The Whirlpool Supreme Care washing machine is my new best friend, with the quietest spin cycle on the market* – yes I did my research and it really is going to change my life. The kitchen is going to be a number one social spot in the house linked to my open plan lounge so this is a really important feature. Whirlpool carried out an ‘annoying noises’ survey of 2000 people, which  revealed that an incredible seven out of every 10 Brits believe their washing machine is either fairly noisy or very noisy, and half believe that constant noises – like a washing machine’s spin cycle – is worse than a sudden loud noise. At least I know my new washing machine won’t annoy me, thanks to its super silent spin, and it looks good too! When life is so busy you need a bit of tranquility and zen in your home(the technology Whirlpool uses in their quietest machine is actually called ZENTechnology™), and even at 1400 RPM spin, the washing machine is quieter than my kettle, you literally can’t hear it. I will be sharing this on my YouTube soon, so keep an eye out.

Once you have the essentials you need somewhere to eat at I have been mmmm’ing and aahhhh’ing over to bench or not to bench for my dining table I also would like some fabric dining seats.

Check out some of my other favourite kitchen pieces below:

* ZENTechnology™ has the lowest noise level on the market. Up to a 10kg load at 1400rpm (status: December 2014)
** Whirlpool has provided the washing machine free of charge to Time2Gossip

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