Thursday 20 October 2016

Sleep Tight

2016 has not been a great year for sleep it takes me a while and once I am asleep I wake up and various points worrying about work, Dylan (my cat) and most recently my impending house move....

I was delighted when Holland & Barrett started recommending products to aid sleep and challenging you to to see if they improve your sleeping habits within just 7 days. You first need to delve a bit deeper into your sleep habits to work out the best products for you. Holland & Barrett have a fun little sleep quiz on there website to work out which type of sleeper you are looking at what is usually on your bedside table.

After taking the quiz I am definitely 'The Caffeinator' not that I am drinking Coffee but Lucozade and Red Bull has become a little bit of a habit I need to kick when I am feeling sleepy or a bit grumpy.
Holland & Barrett sleep challenge
"Most of us are sucking back far more caffeine every day than we should be. You wouldn't think a cup of coffee, tea or that can of coke would be a problem, but they actually block the receptors that produce the feeling of tiredness."

Most of us are drinking far too much caffeine every day than we should be. Some may think this has little to no effect on their sleep, but caffeine actually hinders your body’s ability to tell you that you’re feeling tired and disrupts a peaceful nights sleep but it's hard to give up. Holland & Barrett sent me a sleep pack to get me back to having the best nights sleep I have had in a long time the pack came with decaf, a selection of herbal teas and remedies and a silk pillow which I have been after for a while, not only does it help give you a luxurious night sleep but helps your skin a hair!
Holland & Barrett sleep challenge
Also most products are half price, H&B always have a good deal going on:
Hope this helps you in getting a good night sleep.
  Holland & Barrett sleep challenge

 This is a sponsored post but my love / need for sleep is real! 


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