Tuesday 12 December 2017

Christmas Gift Guide: Beauty

Beauty gifts are the key to Christmas presents it’s one of the easiest and sometimes a cost effective way to fill up on gifts and to make a good impression on Christmas morning.
Christmas Gift Guide: Beauty
So here are my fave picks for the beauty products and a few for the men in your life as well. Also everything is under £100

My faves in the post have to me the Oral-B 9000 I think the toothbrush has changed my life and I am sure that my teeth are getting whiter by the day. Also the Animalz sheet masks are the best stocking filler ever I have a reindeer one and I look hilarious.

The Moschino Gold Fresh is another fun one as it looks like a cleaning product and whilst thinking Why?! you don't really care because its funny.

The new JPG Scandal is a fun twist on the original and smells divine.
Christmas Gift Guide: Beauty
Christmas Gift Guide: Beauty


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