Tuesday 29 October 2013

Brand of the week: Bach

The Rescue Range was formulated in the 1930s by Dr Edward Bach, a Harley Street physician, combining a unique combination of five Bach Original Flower Remedies (Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem and Cherry Plum) specifically blended to help you face the daily stresses or emergency situations, in a better frame of mind - which we could all use from time to time!

Rescue Cream
RRP. £8.05 - Available in 30g and 50g tubes.

The rescue cream contains the five original products as well as original flower essence and crab apple to soothe and restore the skin. This is an intensive moisturiser, designed to hydrate and soothe dry, sensitive or rough skin and help restore it to its natural condition.

Rescue Balm
RRP. £6.30

This dermotologically tested lip balm provides 24 hour care for dry and chapped lips.

Available in a 5g pot - perfect for your handbag! 

Liquid Melts
RRP. £8.45 - 28 capsules 

These fast dissolving capsules will help you pause for a moment of clarity and keep you on top of your day.

Emotional Eating Kit 
RPP. £11

What: 3 flower essences to give a helping hand with diet, detox and a healthy living regime.

How to use: Two drops of each chosen essence may be taken directly from the bottle four times a day. Alternatively, add two drops of each chosen essence to a glass of water and drink.

The three flower essences:

Crab Apple helps with acceptance of yourself and your imperfections
Use it: when you feel unclean or dislike something about yourself (we always have a day like this)

Cherry Plum can help you to think and act rationally 
Use it: when you fear you might lose control

Chestnut Bud can help you gain knowledge from your experience 
Use it: when you find yourself making the same mistakes

For more information, please visit: www.rescueremedy.co.uk
You can purchase these products from a number of locations including: Boots & Nelsons

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