Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Autumn Inspired Living

As the months get colder we look at making our house more cosy and here are some of our favorite items from Country Baskets a beautiful Vintage homeware and accessories website.

Natural Gingham Cushion
(two designs)
The Price: £7.29

As you may know our lounge is one of the first rooms we decorated and we are slowly adding more and more items to make it a cozy place to chill. These vintage cushions are the perfect addition to be used on there own or against larger cushions like these spotty beauties from Ikea. The cushions have two different designs but each are very similar so sit nicely together.

Chloe Metal Trinket Box
The Price: £6.47

My bedroom is currently all white and the this trinket box fits perfectly on my bedside cabinet keeping all the random items that make there way onto my side table like nail polishes etc. I think its good to use an odd number of key items on any table to create a feature.

What do you reckon?

Natural Gingham Cushion Two Designs
Natural Gingham Cushion Two Designs


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