Wednesday 29 July 2015

Unwind with a massage

Privet salon manicure

Privet, near Notting Hill is a tranquil space, with décor themed like a garden and the salon coining the phrase ‘Top to Toe Body Topiary’. Where do you go to get your nails done? In the 'Manicured Darden' of course! 

All massages are bespoke and I went for the Blooming Marvellous, a full body massage which goes on for 60 relaxing minutes at a cost of £70. The first thing you get to do as part of the experience is to choose a shed for your treatment – yes your treatments happen in a make shift shed!!! You have The Writers Shed for a wannabe writer, The Log Cabin or The Potting Shed, which can only be described as something out of The Chelsea Flower Show.

I went for The Potting Shed to de-stress; with relaxing music on the vintage radio and low lightening I was ready to relax. During the massage the masseur will use Murad body-firming creams and massage oil to help you unwind. The massage was lovely, the masseur applied the perfect amount of pressure starting with my feet & legs, then back and neck moving on to my front and front legs and then arms, face and finally head. I can safely say I was very relaxed and in a tranquil state after, I even forgot my sunglasses and bank card in the loo! 

privet salon

privet salon

privet massage table

Log cabin sign

secret garden sign

Fiona Kay selfie


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