Wednesday 26 August 2015

Cure a cold

dont get ill
I have not been ill all summer but with the hottest day of the year happening on Saturday I was out for merely an hour as I felt like poo, a blocked nose, feeling hot and sweaty this week will not be a good week. In light of this I thought I would share some of the products I am using to treat symptoms and boost my immune system.

1. Nelsons Coldenza
This homeopathic remedy brings gentle and soothing relief for cold and flu symptomsFor best results, take immediately at the onset of flu or the early stages of a cold. Nelsons Coldenza has 72 tablets per pack and is priced at £5.51, available from Boots, Holland & Barrett or online at read the label

2. Nelsons Pollenna
Sometimes you may think you have a summer cold, however it may be hay fever. I first got hay fever at the age of 15 and didn’t realise that it was hay fever at the time. If you suffer from itchy eyes and summertime sniffles and would like a natural alternative, try Nelsons Pollenna to bring gentle relief from the distressing symptoms of hay fever. It comes in a pack containing 72 tablets and costs £5.51 available from Boots, Holland & Barrett or online at

3. Ice Lollies with Emergen-C
You can get an extra boost of vitamin C via a more fun and flavourful way; why not make some ice lollies. How did I make them I hear you ask:

  • Empty one sachet of Emergen-C orange into a jug
  • Add 200ml of water and 400ml of pineapple juice
  • Cut four strawberries and distribute evenly in the ice lolly holder
  • Pout in the mixture between each ice lolly holder
  • Leave for 4-6 hours then enjoy a Vit C boosted Lolly.
pollenna and coldenza
emergen c ice lollies

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