Thursday 7 January 2016

Six 2016 Goals

I have been thinking a lot about 2016 and what I want to achieve so I thought I would set myself some personal and professional goals that hopefully will be achievable. I have made resolutions in the past but they never work and usually include me losing 1000s pounds to make myself look like a bikini model – it never worked! Therefore setting goals might do the trick…and none of them include my weight J
Fiona Kay
1.       Travel A LOT More
Who wouldn’t want to travel around the world! My blog has taken me to some amazing places and my parents live in America so I have been to some lovely places but not enough and I also want to explore the UK more, I am so useless in exploring my own country. I blame not having car but that is a whole other goal. So I am setting myself a goal of travelling to 12 new places so I have been to Cabo, Mexico and have Austria next week which is not bad for the second week of January if I do say so myself. Then I have booked Jersey in February and Iceland in March so the year is already looking travel packed.

2.       Get Me Behind A Wheel
I really want a car; more precisely I really want the Fiat 500!!! Although I am not the best driver…let me rephrase that I want a car so Adam can drive me around. I don’t know about you but as I am getting older I feel you need one to explore more places (enter Goal number 1), see family more often and generally not have to lug groceries a mile down the road.

3.       Buy A Second House
So this goal is a long shot but best to aim for the sky and all that jazz. I have always been a tiny bit obsessed with buying a house, bit of a strange uni student saving instead of wasting my pennies on cheap alcohol. I have now owned my own home for two years and I am getting itchy feet again and think it might be fun/hard work to ‘Flip a House’ to quote Modern Family (another goal, should probably be to watch TV less. I think I am now on to my 100th time watching Modern Family…. #sorrynotsorry)

4.       Raise My Social Media Game
Numbers are not everything but it does make me feel happy when I get a new follower on one of my channels as I love interacting with my readers. With this digital age social media stats is becoming far superior to blog ones. So my goal for the year is 15k on Twitter and 20k on Instagram, if I don’t make it I won’t cry but if you want to follow me I will love you forever, here are the links:

5.       Start A Shop
I have always wanted to own my own store, e-store even. I have been batting around several ideas for a few years now and the time has come to buckle down and just do it. My next step is to confirm the 5 products I will start with and get them made, simples. Sorry I can’t go into too much detail ATM but I don’t really know anything yet but hopefully more information will be with you soon.

6.       Actually Launch My YouTube Channel
I have been saying this for months so apologises, I keep creating them and I just don’t think they are good enough but now I have a Mac and IMovie there are no more excuses.

There you are my 6 goals for the year; they are not super crazy so hopefully each one is achievable. What are you hoping to achieve this year?



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