Thursday 28 July 2016

HAYO’U: Mind, Body & Soul

I know I seem calm, chilled, cool and oh so care free but wait for it….I am actually one big stress ball needing to be squeezed. I do suffer from a bit of anxiety and do have the odd meltdown for no apparent reason, where I lock myself away and have a good sob…not sure why, but sometimes I just do!  You know what? I’ve actually never dealt with these issues except for putting on a brave face and a smile. I rarely talk about it, I just put it in my pocket for another day but - trust me - this is not the way to go. Not only do my relationships suffer but so does my health, with bad skin, hair, weight gain and lack of concentration being a few of the unwelcome side effects. But I’ve discovered something that has helped me combat my stress levels without reaching for the wine (well not too much)…It’s called the HAYO’U method and its needs to be on your radar too.

“Rather than suppressing symptoms, Chinese medicine teaches you to read the subtle signals of your body, in order to safeguard your health”

HAYO'U? No it is not a cool new way to say “hello!” It’s a new stress-busting health and wellbeing programme inspired by Chinese medicine, created by the talented Chinese Physician Katie Brindle. ‘Hay’ means ‘health’ in Mandarin and whilst I have never tried Chinese medicine before, I’ve heard great things from friends about using this ancient health system to treat things like skin and scalp issues. Oh, and if the likes of  Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham are fans, why the hell have I not tried this treatment out?!

Katie was inspired to create the HAYO'U program after solving her own health problems with the help of Chinese medicine. She wanted to share the benefits of this health system (that’s been around for centuries FYI) to help us become better at managing our own health issues – with stress her number one Western ailment to tackle.  After chatting to Katie for about an hour, I was really interested to discover that the majority of modern day health issues have some link to stress. If you’ve ever suffered from poor sleep, bad skin, troublesome digestion or high anxiety levels (HELLO all the symptoms I mentioned at the start!) then the HAYO'U method can help. I’m not saying stop using traditional medicine (and Katie doesn’t advocate this either) but whilst you wait a MONTH for your next GP appointment, the HAYO'U method might just help you in the process.  Here’s how…

The One Minute Rituals
Yup, that is right one minute is all you need and this small step does really have a big impact on your overall health and wellbeing. I am living proof with better skin a more positive attitude on my health and feeling more energetic…no Red Bull for me, thank you very much!

One Minute Morning Ritual
Katie suggests the best time for the morning ritual is before you take a shower or bath as the water’s healing and rejuvenating qualities will enhance your relaxed state. Although the beauty of the rituals being just one minute means you can fit them into your daily lifestyle at any time. Why not try them whilst making a cup of coffee. 

Have a watch of the ritual below, it is a bit of a fun one with shaking, twisting and drumming to really get your body moving, relaxing and warming your entire body to shake away the stresses of the day.
One Minute Breathing Ritual
I have always known that breath is a stress buster, but do I take the time to do it, NO. After speaking to Katie more about this ritual it was interesting to hear that the diaphragm also holds onto emotional trauma.  This is why gentle exercise and breathing helps release this type of stress, whilst also alleviating lower back pain and helping build up your energy levels. So breathe it all away and rejuvenate into a calm and tranquil state.

Things I have learnt on the HAYO’U method:
1.    Speak about your health concernsIt was a huge weight off my mind to talk about my worries with Katie; I think that is part of the stress. After my Hayo’u Method consultation I felt much more open to my partner about the things that bother me and no doubt contribute to my stress levels, such my skin and weight. It’s been good to share the progress and improvements I’ve felt.
2.    1 minute is all you need: the rituals are actually amazing and I am excited to see myself improve even further.
3.    Be open to try new things.
4.    Western medicine does NOT hold all the answers.

Remember these videos are free; Katie wants the world to be reaping the benefits so make sure you do. I am now the master of being calm and tranquil and I am excited to hear what is next from the Hayo’u method.

This post is a collaboration but all opinions, my clear skin and calm state are all me.

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