Thursday 27 October 2016

MAXimise your morning routine

MAXimise your morning with Shreddies! I could always do with extra time in the morning…there is always a million different things to do; especially with my recent house move (I have NO furniture!). So I have taken inspiration from the Shreddies MAXimise challenge to get up that little bit earlier and do something you would not normally get to do fueled by Nestlé’s new cereal Shreddies MAX granola!

Finding time to even have breakfast is a struggle. I am guilty of replacing it with a Red Bull or Lucozade, which is the worst thing ever, I hate myself a little every time I buy one before 9am!

So what did I do this week when I set my alarm half an hour earlier and dragged my butt out of bed:

Monday: I hit the snooze button and got some more sleep – my challenge is going well!

Tuesday: I made myself breakfast in my new home with Shreddies MAX, Greek yogurt and fruit! YUM

Wednesday: I read the latest House Beautiful magazine to get some furniture inspiration.

Thursday: I spent more time getting ready so I didn’t need to do my makeup on the train or tie my hair up to hide it.

Friday: It's the day before the weekend so I just lay in bed and chatted to Adam and our cat Dylan!

This week has inspired me to start utilising that extra half an hour and ensure I keep eating breakfast. The new Shreddies MAX is delicious it’s a new granola with Shreddies pieces and crunchy oats providing lots of protein goodness - great post-workout treat as well! You can get Oat Granola and Cranberry & Oat Granola not only a good source of protein it is also made with whole grain, so high fibre, low in saturated fats and made with no artificial colours or flavours

If you want something a bit more funkier than milk go for my favourite:
Natural Greek yogurt
Chia Seeds
Shreddies MAX Protein
This post in in collaboration with Nestle but my thoughts and need for more hours in the day is a real struggle and all me! 

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