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RECIPE: Sugar-Free Cupcakes

With The Great British Bake Off on the horizon baking is on my mind but with trying to cut out my sugar intake this can sometimes be hard to create that tasty bake! Even Prue Leith has been commenting about the fact they need some healthier recipes on The Great British Bake Off....have there ever been any?! We all need to satisfy that sweet tooth but you do not need to compromise on health or taste.

So for my latest easy recipe I have created some healthy sugar free cupcakes using Splenda new sugar-free recipes. Splenda, the sugar alternative is not only a low calorie alternative to sugar but it’s made from sucralose so everyone can enjoy my sweet bake. 

The recipes from Splenda are super quick, the sugar-free cupcakes only taking 10 mins to prepare, so of course I love them even before I have tasted them!
RECIPE: Sugar-Free Cupcakes


·         16g SPLENDA  Sugar Alternative, Granulated
·         125g low fat spread
·         125g self-raising flour
·         ¾ tsp. bicarbonate of soda
·         75g skimmed milk powder
·         2 eggs (separated)
·         4tbsp water
·         150g reduced fat, soft cheese
·         ½ lemon rind (finally grated)
·         ½ lemon juice
·         1tbsp SPLENDA sugar Alternative, granulated
·         12 edible flowers


1.     Cream the SPLENDA Granulated and the low fat spread.
2.     Sift: flour, bicarbonate of soda and milk powder together
3.     Whisk the egg whites until stiff (I got the BF to do this J ) then fold into the mixture
4.     Place into 12 cupcake cases – don’t go overboard they will RISE.
5.     Bake at 180 C until golden
6.     For the topping mix all the ingredients together (except for the flowers) spread on top.
7.     Place your flower

Feel free to save and print the recipe card below.
RECIPE: Sugar-Free Cupcakes

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RECIPE: Sugar-Free Cupcakes
RECIPE: Sugar-Free CupcakesRECIPE: Sugar-Free Cupcakes
RECIPE: Sugar-Free Cupcakes
squirrel wish
RECIPE: Sugar-Free Cupcakes
RECIPE: Sugar-Free Cupcakes
RECIPE: Sugar-Free Cupcakes
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