Friday, 18 July 2014

New faves: Eylure Lashes

The Price: Start from £4.95

We all have our favourite lashes, mine were Cheryl Coles from the original Girls Aloud collection then I moved on to Eylures individual lashes but I think I have found a new fave from the new collection - N0 101 Volume.

These 'Volume' full, shorter length lashes, really open up the eye and perfect for a more natural look but still keeping it glam! 

I think the secret is keeping the length at the sides short with no odd flicks at the side making the lashes look even more fake! They are also a lot easier to put on the eye.

I can safely say that these are the first lashes I have kept for the next occasion usually I don't care and they get placed in  the bin half way through the night or at home but these are my new favorites! 

The rest of the collection are great to for adding more texture or a little bit more drama to your outfit. 

Volume pumps up the lashes, giving depth to fill out the lash line, supporting your own lashes to create natural, voluminous lashes 

Texture lashes not only offer volume but a ‘roughed up’ ‘messed up’ look, supplying layers of textured depth perfect for day or night, or both

Dramatic lashes are the longest, fullest, lashes available and are the last resort for when you simply can’t help but make a statement. 



  1. I use individuals because I find strips so hard to apply. Any tips? Some of the strips look great on others but they end up crooked and thrown across the bathroom for me!


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